Over the years I’ve developed tricks and tips to stay on track with my clean eating diet, and the one I’m going to share today is one of my favorites. For complete recipes and more information:

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I hate vegetables. All of them. Can’t stand them. Hate them. Broccoli: blah. Cauliflower: ew. Artichokes: ugh. Green beans: ugh. When I was growing up, I hated my vegetables so much my parents couldn’t get me to eat anything.

I mean, when I was a kid I would do anything not to eat them: I’d give them to the dog, I’d hide them underneath the rug. Then one day I decided I was going to be a complete vegetarian. My parents were really concerned because they thought: “Okay. As a vegetarian, how is she going to get all the nutrients that she needs?” But their concern completely dissipated when, three days later, completely famished, I scarfed down a McDonalds hamburger. Now, as an individual that hates vegetables, that makes it pretty difficult in the fitness industry to make great stride. McDonalds hamburgers and french fries are not exactly the way to get into shape. So when it came time to get into shape and compete, which I’ve been doing for quite some time now, I had to figure out a way that I could eat volumes of food and enjoy it as well. So when it came to adding vegetables to my diet, which I really needed to do, and not just from an aesthetic and strength perspective, but I needed to do it from an overall health perspective. We’ve all heard what benefits vegetables have. The fact is, the people that live the longest and the healthiest over the course of their lifetime, on this planet, are massive vegetables consumers. The other thing that vegetables do that’s really important for anybody that wants to get into incredible, awesome, amazing shape, is that they are slow-burning carbohydrates. Unlike breads, crackers, cookies, McDonalds french fries, vegetables are slowly processed in the body and slowly burned over a course of hours and hours after you consume them. So they make it the perfect carbohydrate for anybody that wants to get into amazing shape. So today I’m going to share with you my voracious volume vegetable dish. It’s delicious–I love it. This is what I eat post workout for my post workout meal. And what this meal does for me is, one, of course, it adds all these vegetables–these nutrients that I need. And, secondly, what it does is it stems off any hunger cravings that I might have. Because what happens to me is, like, all day long when I’m working and I’m busy, I don’t have any sugar cravings or hunger cravings because I have my meals all planned out. But sometimes what happens is, when I get home after work and everything starts to settle down a little bit, that’s when those sugar cravings potentially can come on. That’s my danger time. So I make sure I got to the gym, and then after the gym I have my whey shake and fruit, and then shortly thereafter I have this complete massive meal of vegetables and lean protein, and fills me up, and I have zero–zero–sugar cravings after that. I mean, it’s really hard to have cravings when you are stuffed full. What this meal is going to give you is amazingly healthy carbs. It’s going to make you feel full, and it’s delicious. So let’s go ahead and head into the kitchen, and I’ll show you how it’s done. So today I’m using two zucchini, one cucumber, three celery sticks, a clove of garlic (which will add a lot of flavor), and then I have three sweet peppers, and normally I would add about a half an onion to my dish but I ran out of onion, so I’m going to add an extra sweet pepper this time. And then for additional flavor I use a dash of lemon or lime juice, and I’ll show you how to do that in just a sec. And then, of course, extra-virgin olive oil. You guys know how much I love this. We’re just going to put a few table spoons into the skillet before we cook all of this up. And then, of course, for utensils we have a wooden spoon, knife to cut the vegetables with, and my skillet. The first thing we’re going to want to do is heat up our skillet with a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil in it, and then I’m going to chop up my garlic, and put that in, and get that brown just a little bit.

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