The KPOP diet How to lose extra weight

Hey guys! Here are some relatively straight forward, simple diet tips that you might want to try if you are trying to lose weight for yourself, or to impress other people 🙂 Some of these are common and you might have heard of them!

So how exactly do KPOP stars diet? After a bit of research on some of their diets, I have compiled a few diets that some of your favorite celebrities follow right before they make a comeback!

As I mentioned in this video, do not attempt at any of these diets if you have any major health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. and check with your doctor/online to make sure you are HEALTHY enough to start any of these diets.

Hope you guys found this useful, and remember exercise is also important to keep yourself healthy! However, if you do exercise a lot remember that you might want to compensate by eating more than you usually would – as exercise burns extra calories that you are limiting with your diet!

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How to lose weight fast? That's a question worth of millions. I always tried to answer that question, always wanted to find a quick solution. Here is just a few articles/video/pieces of information I found on my way.