The Truth About Paleo Diet Does It Work

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Hey y’all it’s Lindsey and Mike with insanehomefatloss. Today we’re going to tell you the truth about the Paleo Diet. So lets break it down and find it out if it could help you get lean or is it all a myth.

Paleo Diet breakdown:

Paleo Diet is also know as the caveman diet. What this means is that you can only consume foods that can be hunted or gathered from nature.–That means nothing man made.

**Paleo accepted foods: Meats, fish, fruits, and nuts.

**Paleo rejected foods: Bread, alcohol, candy, pasta…pretty much anything man-made.

So does Paleo Diet work?

In one word, No.

The reason that Paleo or any other diets will fail in our current lifestyle is because we just have too much going on to deal with a restricted diet.

Here are four things that can affect us the most when it comes to dieting.

1:06 (1) We just don’t have the time to cook. Not only do we have to sacrifice other events in our life to prepare these meals, with dieting we have to go out of or way to find these selected foods.

1:48 (2) Most diets lack efficiency. These diets leave you stranded when there are no options but to eat cheat foods. And what if your traveling and you dont have a kitchen to cook your food…even worst where do you store it?

2:26 (3) Dieting makes you seem like a health freak, and sometimes it gets to a point where not even your friends and family wants to hang out with you due to all your restrictions.

3:29 (4) Diets foods taste like crap. How long can you really last eating foods you hate.

My answer to eating right is to get on a proper eating system.

I’m personally on the zero will power eating system…It lets me eat cheat meals, eat tasty foods, drink, and actually live a normal life.

And if you want a simple eating plan that can help you with fat loss and live an enjoyable life, watch this video now:

In this video I also show you the exercise “shortcut” that I used to go from fat to having a lean and flat stomach I always wanted. If you want to take the fast-track to getting in shape, then you NEED to see this:

Train hard,

Mike Chang

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