Vegan Diet My Top 3 Transition Tips

Vegan Diet: My Top 3 Transition Tips

To follow up from my last video, if going vegan is so easy, I should have some advice on making it even easier, right? Right.

A lot of the same tips apply to going raw as well.

Vegan Tip #1: Keep your fat intake below 10-15% of your calorie intake.
Vegan Tip #2: Stick to whole foods. That means no olive oil, homies!
Vegan Tip #3: Eat as much fruit as you care for, starting with breakfast.
BONUS Tip: Don’t be an a$$hole!!! Militant vegans don’t have fun socially.

The more you can do to follow these transition tips, the better you’ll feel on a vegan diet and you’ll struggle less with health challenges and food cravings.

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